Author: Glake Riuno

The Poetry Podcast 2/19/2019 ~ Feat. Chii of Wattpad A message from Chii about the Poem “Constellation Eyes” ~ This poem can be interpreted in many ways but the way that I interpret it is not necessarily based off of romance. Last year (2018), I lost a loved one. A very loved one. Unfortunately it was my dog who I grew up with for most of my life and to have him gone from my life is hurtful. But he’ll always be in my heart. This poem was based on his adorable eyes that would stare at me with so much affection.   You can learn more...

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KickStart Me! ~ Design the Void’s Debut Album ~ “Ebon Soul”

During a few KSMD’s during 2018, I recall mentioning how my interest in the “rock” genre, has sort of been re-ignited over these past few years. It was a spontaneous process, really. My musical tastes have hopped around over the years, but the wide and crazy genre of rock is most certainly something that has impacted me the most. Since my re-ignited interest in the genre, I’ve spent hours coming across new bands to listen to, digging for new sub-genres within the genre that better fit my musical taste, despite having no idea that such a genre even existed...

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