Author: Glake Riuno

KickStart Me Daily: Randy Wright Until The Dawn EP

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to roll out some new KSMD’s, let alone, new TVC content. However, I’m happy to say now that things have settled down a bit again, we should see more content, updates, and more begin rolling out of the site from here on out! Today, we’ve got another artist, seeking a little bit of help to release his first EP! So let’s jump right into it. Randy Wright is a singer/songwriter from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who is preparing to record his first EP to release later this fall! He has been very...

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KickStart Me Daily: Tirzah Payne

Hello all! Glake here, bringing you this afternoons KSMD! While I’m coming to an end of the full list of music projects I’ve wanted to feature as apart of the KSMD series of articles, I can promise that these final few in which will be featured are some very awesome ones! This is not too say that you won’t see any music projects featured for awhile, no, however, expect a little more variety this week! Hopefully we have something that will catch you interest 🙂   Today we are featuring a singer-songwriter by the name of Tirzah Payne from...

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KickStart Me Daily: I Will Keep Your Ghost “It’s Natural” EP

  Hello guys & gals! Glake here bringing you another KSMD for this weeks Friday! 🙂 As I’ve stated earlier this week, we are featuring quite a few music projects this weeks, and very possibly going into the next. Today we are featuring another unique music project, and I must say it’s very interesting to say the least, all of you electronic music heads out there might very well take this to your liking. “I Will Keep Your Ghost” is a two man band straight out of Everett, WA. Now, when you image a band in your head, you’re...

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KickStart Me Daily: So Rejoice

Hello readers! Glake here, ready to roll out a whole new week of KSMD’s, I have been trying to keep up as best as I can with these, and on the day’s where I haven’t had the time to write them up, you may have noticed I have been filling in those slots with some other news regarding releases, announcements, etc for other projects we may have featured recently or more in the past. Regardless, I have finished my fruitful search over on KickStarter for some more project to share with you all for this week, and I’ve decided...

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Falling UP Albums “Hours” & “Midnight on Earthship” now available!

Hey everyone! 😀 You may remember or not, but about a month ago, I featured a special KSMD, of course, I let it be known that it was a bit biased. However, today I am basically here to follow up on that KickStarter we featured roughly a month back. The KickStarter was too help fund Falling UPs new releases to enable physical copies. Well, since then, the project was fully funded, with the goal exceeded, and artwork now finished and everything. Both albums were released to the public for order last week, and they are now also up on...

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