Author: Glake Riuno

“KickStart Me Daily” Rolling With The World Webseries

Welcome to the first entry to the “KickStart Me Daily” article series that we are starting here at The Virtual Cavern. Nichole and I will be doing our best to push these articles out every day of the week to help our readers discover new and interesting projects that are being founded all over the world. And more importantly to help the creators of these projects to get things running and provide the support they need.   “Rolling With The World” is a new web-series project that is all about showcasing the sport of rollerblading around the world. Founded by passionate...

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The Virtual Cavern Site Design Update

Hey there people of the interwebz! This is Glake here, posting yet again another update to our long and painful process of getting fully functional for all of the things that we will be implementing onto the site very very soon. For the most part, the difficult work is done, such as obtaining a layout that works along with the proper plugins to display what you need to be displayed. This post will just be a quick little update of what has been added and what will begin to come up on the site within the coming week or so....

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The Virtual Cavern 2012 Live Show Coming Soon!

With may quickly approaching, I am proud to Announce that The Virtual Cavern 2012 Live Show will be streaming to USTREAM & Justin.TV this May! After an unfortunate recent month delay, due to some errors on my end with computer failure, the show had to be pushed a month to ensure proper preparation. Our show will contain several contents, while we will begin with one show per-week with a possible chance of some small casual live social streams, I can ensure you that more shows will be on the way! I myself understand TVC is fairly new and in-development to get...

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TVC Project Promotion Soon To Begin!

Several months of a slow, painful, yet somewhat productive preparation since The Virtual Cavern had first been announced and our goal was stated. I am happy to announce that starting this May we will finally begin promoting projects! The ways we will be promoting projects will range from written articles, to pod casts, to videos, all the way to live shows and more. Since these more innovative ways for project promotion will take a bit longer to develop as well as find volunteers to fill these positions, a more step by step technique will be used here, though we promise...

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TVC 2012 Seeking Aspiring Poets!

The Virtual Cavern 2012 is currently seeking aspiring poetry writers that are interested in promoting their works! TVC is currently developing a poetry themed podcast set to be recorded 2-3 times a week, specifically on the latest literature projects and works we are promoting as well, reciting a poem with the poets permission and promoting their work as well as the home location where people may find their work if one exists. If you ever heard of The Writers Almanac Podcast, the poetry reciting segment may be the somewhat similar except more time will be used to promote the...

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