Author: Glake Riuno

KickStart Me Daily: Sarah Reid’s Debut Album

Happy Wednesday everyone! And welcome to another KSMD for this week! Today we are featuring an artist, by the name of Serah Reid, who is looking for some support on finishing her upcoming debut album! Let’s jump right into it. Serah Reid is a classically trained violinist, and a singer/songwriter based out of Norman Oklahoma, after recently taking interest with combining her already amazing talents as a violinist, and a singer/songwriter with the use of a loop station, she’s ready to take things to the next level. Serah has written 8 songs this year, with half are centered around...

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KickStart Me Daily: Children 18:3 Final Album!

Hello All! Welcome to the first KSMD of 2014! 😀 Today I’ll be kicking things off featuring a new Music related KickStarter for a band that whole a place in my, as well as many others, hearts. Children 18:3 is a alternative rock/Christain Rock band that formed in 1999, continuing their way into the new millennium releasing top charting albums in their genre such as “Rains ‘A Comin'”, “Children 18:3“, and “On The Run“. All of which featuring popular tracks such as “If you know we’re all so fond of dying”, “All my Balloons”, “Oh Bravo”, and so many more....

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Announcing The Virtual Cavern 2014

Hey guys & gals, Glake of the Virtual Cavern here! Today I’m excited to announce the return of The Virtual Cavern, for the new season, The Virtual Cavern 2014. After spending a considerably large amount of time away from the project, more time was spent brainstorming, and developing ideas and plans to carry out for the 2014 Season and onward. Some of these things I will be sharing with you all today, others will be announced in the near future so stay tuned!   The Virtual Cavern 2014 Begins! Too kick things off with the new year of TVC, ...

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KickStart Me Daily: Randy Wright Until The Dawn EP

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to roll out some new KSMD’s, let alone, new TVC content. However, I’m happy to say now that things have settled down a bit again, we should see more content, updates, and more begin rolling out of the site from here on out! Today, we’ve got another artist, seeking a little bit of help to release his first EP! So let’s jump right into it. Randy Wright is a singer/songwriter from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who is preparing to record his first EP to release later this fall! He has been very...

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KickStart Me Daily: Tirzah Payne

Hello all! Glake here, bringing you this afternoons KSMD! While I’m coming to an end of the full list of music projects I’ve wanted to feature as apart of the KSMD series of articles, I can promise that these final few in which will be featured are some very awesome ones! This is not too say that you won’t see any music projects featured for awhile, no, however, expect a little more variety this week! Hopefully we have something that will catch you interest 🙂   Today we are featuring a singer-songwriter by the name of Tirzah Payne from...

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