The Legacy Project


Jason Friend is a photographer based out of the UK who holds great interest in prehistoric sites. The Legacy Project stands as his not-for-profit journey to capture the sacred essence of several stone remain prehistoric sites which are present across the British Isles. “Ancient stone circles are a remarkable legacy of Neolithic Britain, their shadowy origins stirring the hushed whispers of fables and legends throughout the ages.”

Drombeg Stone Circle, County Cork, Ireland

Aside from Jason’s hopes to bring awareness and attention to these magnificent sites, his goal with The Legacy Project is to also provide a more emotional experience to those of view the photos, and hopes for the “ancient spirit of the landscape to wash over you” ultimately in hopes for you to envision yourself becoming one with the sites as a whole. In hopes of capturing this feel and emotion, the entire project is being shot using black and white infrared cameras.

Callanish Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

When viewing The Legacy Project and it’s portfolio, you’ll notice that many of the projects shorts were taken in Ireland, which ended up being the choice for majority of the projects captured images in 2015. Jason expresses how well-preserved and photo-fitting the Ireland sites were for the project, while at the same time, somewhat hard to access. Despite Jason being unable to capture all of the sites he had initially wished to capture back in 2015, he hopes to return to Ireland once again this Summer to capture the essence of the Emerald Isles Stone Circles as well as other prehistoric sites.

Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Derbyshire, England


Despite having not many concerns regarding funding for The Legacy Project aside from travel costs, Jason has set up several reward tiers for those who decide to contribute to the project, with even the smallest donation tier receiving a reward for their contribution. You can check out some of the reward tiers and what they contain after the break!