Hello guys and gals,

This is Glake here bringing you a long anticipated update. I know many of you are either very busy with your New Years celebrations, or even maybe preparing to go back to the drawing board at work and school, so I will keep this as brief as I can, while covering the few topics I would like to go over.

¬†With things being quite un-active here over the past few months, due to recent happenings within my personal life, it has been very difficult to set aside the time needed to fulfill the goals I have had set for TVC. However, though my absence has taken a toll on the project as a whole, I am pleased to say I have been able to keep the site up by paying the bills on time, and am very grateful to have Nichole Canney as an awesome site manager as well as writer to keep the “KickStart Me Daily” articles coming in as often as possible. Though this isn’t much, it is something, however things are bound to change in 2013.

While things are still becoming quite established within my new life, and I am slowly but surely being able to obtain more time to planning, as well as managing TVC for our future goals. I will be striving for 2013 to be one of the biggest years yet for TVC. With the 2013 launch of the TVC Live show returning Q1 2013, as well as literature podcast’s, music podcasts, and entertainment podcasts all coming Q1 2013, our new year will kick off with tons of new content for you to discover to be help talented, crafted people out there become discovered as well.

In early Q2 2013, TheAdventEntries and TheVirtualCavern will be joining together in a new joint season based movement “The Healing, The Rising” which will be strongly focused on helping the less fortunate people in the world, as well as directly helping other people that may be dealing with struggles of all sorts. This season based movement will aim to directly aid people of these categories, as well as educate our readers, viewers, and listeners about these problems, in a new, adventurous, and interactive way.

In Q1 2013, we will also be focusing on re-building the site to a new, improved, and more visually appealing state. We will also be staffing up for writers, content managers, and more. More details for this are on the way. But with all of that said, It would be an understatement to say that 2013 will be a very packed year for everyone involved with TVC. We hope you will join us on our journey to reaching our current, as well as new goals, and support as much as possible!

Thank You everyone,

And have an awesome new year!

God Bless


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