Orchestral Music crossing over with bands is not really something you see all that often. Though it would be an amazing new addition to the world of music, at this time, it’s sort of an idea that’s far out in uncharted waters; but in today’s “KickStart Me!” I’m excited to show you all a project that went the extra mile to bring this unique crossover to life!

The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra is a Youth/Student ensemble that is based out of New England featuring young musicians from ages 12-18. The Ensemble has preformed over 42 concerts with 30 artists, and has preformed in 8 states since their founding in 2014. They aren’t to be slept on either, the ensemble has produced videos for NPR, Converse, and Visaprint! The Main Youth Orchestra in it’s entirety is an organization that seeks to give orchestral students both the education as well as opportunities to express their talent and creativity alongside accompanying national artists. The ensemble has played alongside many notable artists such as Guster, Gregory Alan Isakov, Darlingside, Tall Heights, and various other.

Taking their ambition and talent to heart, the Main Youth Rock Orchestra recently set out on a 9-day tour with the folk trio the ‘Ballroom Thieves’, the tour in which spanned from Maine to Virginia.  The tour was stated to be the first of it’s kind, which offered a unique musical experience for not only the listeners, but the performers as well. As stated above, it’s not everyday you see a Orchestral Ensemble partner up with band, a folk trio at that; which is why the folks over at Herman Mantis have decided to put together a web-series documentary, which follows the day-to-day travels of the 9-day tour and all of the excitement, trials, tribulations, and accomplishments that the Orchestra endured throughout the tour.


Fortunately, I am happy to say that since the Projects launch back in August, it has recently became fully funded! However, you can still help support the project by spreading the word, and keeping up to date with their latest updates as the productions are put together! If you’re a lover of Orchestral music, or folk music, or just enjoy unique musical experience in general I personally feel that this web-series will definitely spark your interest!

The students at Main Youth Rock Orchestra all have a bright future ahead of them in the world of music; with being able to travel and preform at such a young age, it’s a dream come true for many, and a pipe dream for most young performers/musicians. It’s great to see that an organization such as the MYRO is supporting the creativity and dreams of these students and helping them reach their goals as well as aim beyond.

You can learn more about, as well as further support the musicians over at the Main Youth Rock Orchestra by visiting their official website located here. You can also learn more about the successfully funded Kickstarter Project, by visiting the official page located here.

Hopefully you all enjoyed today’s featured Project, which also marks the first “KickStart Me!” Piece of our TVC 2017-2018 Season! Much more awesome projects are soon to be featured next week! We’ll see you all then!