Several months of a slow, painful, yet somewhat productive preparation since The Virtual Cavern had first been announced and our goal was stated. I am happy to announce that starting this May we will finally begin promoting projects! The ways we will be promoting projects will range from written articles, to pod casts, to videos, all the way to live shows and more. Since these more innovative ways for project promotion will take a bit longer to develop as well as find volunteers to fill these positions, a more step by step technique will be used here, though we promise projects will be promoted regardless. Though we are not affiliated with them, the use of KickStarter & Noisetrade are going to be great sources in helping us find, and promote projects on the web of various kinds. 

I myself will be devoting much of my time seeking to find other talented people on the web in need of some promotion and support for their projects. The search will be endless, and a lot more is to come. We will keep you all updated and informed when we begin the process and how it’s going when we begin. If you are interested in having any of your projects promoted, please contact TVC at