Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first KickStart Me! Of our 2018-2019 TVC Season! As usual, I have a ton of brand new KickStarter Projects I am excited to share with you all, and will consistently be doing so as we make our way through the season. I seem to find myself stumbling across greater and greater musical projects.

Anyway, let’s jump into today’s featured project, as I feel it’s a bit different than other musical projects we’ve featured in the past – but most certainly worth checking out! Hope you all enjoy it!

If you aren’t all that familiar with the classical music genre, then the best way for me to explain the Kassia Music Collective, is that they are a group of musicians making amazing music together. However, that description doesn’t even do them justice – so for those of you who are a bit more familiar with the genre, the Kassia Music Collective is a chamber music ensemble with a drive towards making new, unique style of music. As they state on their website, “We believe contemporary music can entice listeners as it challenges them can excite without abandoning the forms of music from the past, and can evolve without sacrificing beauty.

The chamber music ensemble is based out of DC. and was formed back in 2016. Since that time, they have preformed at the Kennedy Center, the National Music Festival, and even the National Gallery of Art. Individually however, the members have played at an even larger amount of venues from all over the world; including Carnegie Hall. The ensemble currently consists of Sam Post (composer & pianists), Bernard Vallandingham (composer, violinist, and violist), Susanna Mendlow (cellist and soprano), Adina Vallandingham (violinist), and Elizabeth Adams (violinist and violist). Since all joining together over 2 years ago, the group has astounded many audiences with their musical style and is now looking to take things to a new height – with a debut album!

The Kassia Music Collective hopes the album will reach a wider audience, as they desire to have a version of their music that will represent the groups best works.  “It’s for you, the listeners, and also for us to showcase and take our group to the next level.


The ensemble will be recording at Blue House Productions in Silver Spring and Kensington MD; as member Sam, has already released a solo album produced at this location with hopes we too will enjoy the pristine sound and quality that will come out of the ensembles debut album.  “Our goal is to release by the end of this year, but we don’t want to sacrifice quality in a rush to be finished. Ultimately we want a great recording that represents our best.” As of this post, the group has already since began recording at the studio and plans to continue to do so throughout the duration of October and is already in the process of finding a potential record label to sign with for the album release.

As usual, the recording process as well as many other necessities that come with bringing a project to life come with a pretty hefty cost. You can help bring this entire project to life by donating to the ensembles official KickStarter Page for the debut album. They have set up some pretty awesome rewards for those who decide to help fund the project; you can checkout the official list of rewards, below!




  • Pledge US$ 20 or more

    CD of album!

    That’s right, a real physical object that you can cherish forever


  • Pledge $25 or more

    Digital album advance copy + CD

    Get the unofficial digital version before the official release! Plus the beautiful, final version


  • Pledge US$ 50 or more

    CD bundle: 3-disc gift pack!

    (+ the digital version, if you desire)


  • Pledge US$ 100 or more

    Original scores (+CDs and digital album)

    Bound scores of our music from the album, plus all of the above rewards


    • “Sketches from Kazakhstan” bound score
    • Dance Suite for violin, viola, clarinet & piano bound score
    • CD 3-pack


  • Pledge $500 or more

    Producer credit

    Your name on the album as a producer (+ all other rewards)



You can checkout the full list of reward tiers by visiting the official KickStarter Project page located here.


Well, that’s going to wrap-up today’s ‘KickStart Me!’. If this project sparks your interest, definitely be sure to checkout the official page, as even more videos showcasing some of their music and performances can be found there. Also be sure to visit their official website to get the full scoop on the ensemble, and more!