As we continue with our “KickStart Me!” features, I felt like lasts ensemble feature was not enough. Yes, it is a bit different from the many past musical related projects we have featured as part of these write-ups, however, I am always drawn to these sort of projects, and overall feel that they do not generate the attention they deserve.  So! Without further ado, today I’m happy to feature yet another beautiful ensemble and their project I definitely think you all will enjoy.

Chloe Pourmorady is a vocalist, violinist, composer and band leader who has been preforming for years, both individually as well as apart of her ensemble. Chloe comes from the Jewish and Persian background, with her musical style and inspiration stemming from such. After many years of primarily preforming on stage and touring around the world, Chloe, along with her ensemble now have the goal of bringing their music to people everywhere, especially those who are unable to catch their performances live.

With that said,  Chloe and her ensemble are now in the process of putting together their debut album to share their music with everyone everywhere as “Recording a full-length album will finally give us the platform to make all of that possible.” The debut album is set to be entitled “Bipayan” which in Farsi means “Endless”, which is also the name of a symphonietta Chloe has written. From the sound of things, Chloe is aiming for this album to be a very ambitious one, as any debut album should be – with the aim of blending ideas, themes and styles focused around the past, present, and future – ultimately “pushing creative boundaries.” Chloe emphasizes that “The music will combine languages and melodies from countries where there is currently conflict. As such, my ensemble and I are committed to being agents of peace through music.” 


With such an ambitious project, comes very costly expenses, as we all know very well. The ensemble has set a goal of $40,000, as they would like to complete this debut album at a professional level. They plan to record at the NRG Studios in North Hollywood, with Adam Schmidt, an audio engineer who will work alongside them on the album. Mixing and mastering components, album production, artwork, marketing, and more also plays a very big role into the big price goal.

Luckily for you, Chloe has setup some awesome rewards for those who decide to contribute to the project, you can checkout some of those rewards below.



  • Pledge $50 or more


    Get your hands on a copy of the album before it’s official release.


  • Pledge $100 or more


    We’ll give you a signed copy of the album with a hand-written surprise!


  • Pledge $200 or more

    Album + Concert Ticket

    We’ll give you a copy of the completed album and 1 ticket to a concert in 2019. Will provide you with a list of concerts and let you choose.


  • Pledge $400 or more


    Come hang out with us at our first full-listening of the album in Los Angeles. This is a special occasion at Chloe Pourmorady’s home and only limited people can attend.


Chloe’s music continues to support the never-ending trend of the beauty that lies in ensembles. Even if you are already an avid listener to various ensembles, I feel Chloe and her ensemble have already brought something very unique and magical to the table – that is able to take you on a journey that you simply cannot get from other groups. With the planned debut album, I believe the ensemble will take things to even higher heights – ultimately providing us with something we’ve never even dreamed of.

If you are interested in supporting the project or learning more, be sure to checkout the official project page on Kickstarter.