Hey everyone. Happy Monday? Glake here bringing you an all new “KickStart Me Daily” article for today. As usual, today we will be featuring yet another unique, and exciting sounding project that needs some Kick-starting! Today’s project is a to-be-developed short film by the name of Brandon Arroyo, based out of New York NY. He is a very passionate individual that enjoys creating short films, shooting photos, as well as developing stories. His current project is entitled “Mother Nature” a story about a very quiet, and anti-social like, young female, that has very little experience with the outside world. Here’s a brief summary one what’s the story is about to give you a better idea.


The story begins with Rachel seeking to conclude the story of her Mothers death by completing a half drawn image of an Oak Tree, that was found on her Mothers body at the time of death in the forest.

Disguising this attempt to close this story, Rachel concocts the idea that she is passionate about drawing trees and wants to finish her latest drawing outdoors surrounded by nature.

Unknowingly, while pursuing her goal to finish this drawing and gain a sense of closure, Rachel loses her direction in the woodlands of upstate NY and wanders around for a week trying to escape.

This journey tests her mentality when Rachel finds a rock with her name carved into it and a photo of her 4 year old self tucked under a rock pile hidden in the highest cliff. Was it left there on purpose or is Rachel losing her mind? Is Rachel really talking to her deceased Mother or is she delusional? Does Rachel make it out or is she doomed to the same fate as her Mother?


Sounds interesting eh? However, in order for us to be able to see all of this on film, Brandon needs a bit of Kick-starting to get things going and finished. With a pledged goal of $4,000, the money will mostly go too better camera and production equipment, as well as DVD distribution, artwork, and more. Of course, pledging to this project, will not leave you empty handed. Brandon has some awesome levels of rewards ready for those who pledge certain amounts, you can check them all out, as well as find out more about his project on his KickStarter page located http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/823706358/mother-nature-0?ref=recently_launched