How’s it going everyone!? Glake here, bringing you the first KSMD for this week, as well as a nice batch coming everyday this week up until Friday. As we announced on the live-show a few weeks ago, KSMD’s will now be officially posted Monday-Fridays only, so expect 5 new KSMD’s every week! Today, we will be featuring another photography project, since it’s summer, you can definitely expect to see a big bump in the amount of photography projects being featured on the site. Because you know…Summer brings out the best photo’s right?


Uriah Clevenger is a photographer, and a Santa Cruz Native. He has taken various different photo shoots throughout his entire career, however, this summer, he is looking to the ocean, as his main focus for this summer photo-shoot. When these photos are all taken and done, he hopes to compile all of the images for a book that he soon wants available on his next project. This photo shoot will not simply be a collection of photo’s but an adventure that he hopes we all can par-take along with him. With the goal to eventually compile all of these photo’s into a book, he hopes for us to help support him by helping pledge this project. With only 3 days remaining on the project, he has almost reached his funded goal of $2,000. Of course, like many other projects, people who fund the project will not go empty handed, here are some of the awesome rewards offered to those who help fund the project!



  • Pledge $25 or more

    An original 5×7 Photo of this summers wave shoot signed

  • Pledge $50 or more

    8×10 original photo signed of this summers shoot

  • Pledge $100 or more

    large original gloss photo of this summers shoot signed

  • Pledge $500 or more

    Original photo on canvas signed from the shoot you fund this summer

  • Pledge $1,000 or more

    three original canvas photos signed also special mention in the book I plan to put together for my next project



You are all probably wondering, “Why should I fund the project, when I have no idea what the photo’s look like?” Well, I’ve compiled some of Uriahs recent photo’s below, I think the quality speaks for itself why you should fund the project. You can view more of Uriahs photos by following him on Instagram @uriah831 and searching him on facebook by the name Uriah Clevenger. And most importantly, please visit his official KickStarter page to learn more about this project as well as fund!