Hey everyone! Glake here bringing you today’s KSMD! This one is quite different and unique from some of the past KSMD’s we’ve posted, but hopefully some of you will find this one to your liking and perhaps even decide to help fund the project ūüôā Enjoy!


Worship Sessions Live is a free based ministry that enables people to access live worship sessions, as well as free worship mp3’s. Created by Worship leader, Robert Easley of the Packinghouse in Redlands CA. The goal behind Worship Sessions Live is exactly what you would think, to allow people around the world to be able to enjoy worship sessions and music free of charge in their own home. Every worship session will be recorded on a live-camera and will be put on YouTube as well as various other media sites around the web. Each song that is featured within these Worship sessions will also be made available as a standalone MP3 download.¬†

So you are probably wondering, why exactly do they need hour help to get this project going? Well in order to provide quality worship sessions to be directly uploaded to the internet, it costs a pretty penny. Each worship sessions will cost about $500 to record, this includes camera operators, audio engineering, and video editing. If Worship Sessions Live is able to fund $3000, they will be able to make 6 sessions, each sessions will consist of 4 songs recorded live. Worship Sessions ultimate desire is to offer this all free of charge. For those who decide to fund the project, there are also some pretty sweet rewards you can get.



  • Pledge $10 or morePledge $10 and you will receive a Worship Sessions T-Shirt:)

  • Pledge $25 or morePledge $25 and you will receive a Worship Sessions T-shirt and all of the worship Mp3’s on a CD custom made for you!

  • Pledge $100 or more

    Pledge $100 and you will receive a Worship Sessions T-shirt, access to all the worship song Mp3’s on a CD custom made for you, your name on each session credits as a supporter and you get to sit in on one of the sessions while it’s being filmed!

  • Pledge $500 or more

    If you pledge $500 you will receive everything from Reward #3 plus you will get your own “Night of Worship” at your house! The Worship Sessions band will come to your house and lead in a night of Worship for you and as many friends as you can fit in your home:) These will be booked after the month of November, 2013. A great way to make this happen is to get all your friends to chip in:) There are only 5 of these pledges available so don’t wait!


You can check out Worship Sessions Live’s Official KickStarter Page here¬†http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1251925782/worship-sessions-live-needs-you?ref=recently_launched¬†as well as visit their website at WorshipSessionsLive.com