Hey guys & gals, Glake of the Virtual Cavern here! Today I’m excited to announce the return of The Virtual Cavern, for the new season, The Virtual Cavern 2014. After spending a considerably large amount of time away from the project, more time was spent brainstorming, and developing ideas and plans to carry out for the 2014 Season and onward. Some of these things I will be sharing with you all today, others will be announced in the near future so stay tuned!


The Virtual Cavern 2014 Begins!

Too kick things off with the new year of TVC,  I will first be focusing on where we left off with the project, bringing these things back and ensuring we are continuing to push out this content and a consistent, regular basis. This includes daily content that you all know very well such as “KickStart Me Daily”, weekly author and poet promotion, as well as the return of the poetry podcast, which will be back in action in the coming few weeks. We will also be beginning weekly music artist/album promoting, featuring “Noisetrade Weekly”, a weekly editorial series which will feature our top 5 albums scouted on the Noisetrade.com site for you all to go check out, download, and pledge to if you’d like.

                                                                  The Virtual Cavern Live Show 2014

The Live Show will be returning this year, however the new official home has not yet been decided. Right now, it’s looking like things will officially be moved over to USTREAM, but no final decision has been made as of yet. I am aiming for a April 2014 kick-off the live show, and will be aligning content for the show in the mean-time to be ready for once we go live. Expect  to see new co-casters, a new format, a new look, and a new home. I will provide more details regarding the 2014 show, as well as the official return date in the coming weeks.

                                                                    New Season, New Goals

Aside from bringing back everything you know, and have heard of regarding The Virtual Cavern, this Season I am aiming to make quite a few major adjustments, as well as additions to The Virtual Cavern. As stated earlier, many of these things we be announced within the coming weeks, and months, however there are some things I would like to touch on today. The first of which is the way in which we have marketed/promoted TVC in the past, and how it will be changing during this new Season.  You may have seen many of our post appear on community craft, creativity hubs, and more, looking to invite new people into our community looking for another outlet to in which promote their talent & creativity. While we may still do that every now and then, our way will be a bit more different, and more interactive. Expect to see contests, direct invites, monthly themes, blogs, and so much more interactive community happenings. Another new addition you can expect to see coming to TVC this season, will be our jump into Charity fundraising, as well as supporting.  While many details are still being ironed out regarding this new addition, expect to here an official announcement coming soonish 😉

Content for Everyone

One thing I pondered on before taking a break from the Movements development was in fact who exactly the content was being aimed at for. Many would say that our content was and had been heavily “Christian” focused, or many tended to favor more of the non-secular audience, if you will. However, in reality this was not the initial plan, instead the initial goal was to provide family friendly content, in which anyone could safely discover, as well as support, however, even that is categorizing the audience.  This season I want to be absolutely sure that we are opening the doors for everyone when it comes to promoting, and opportunities within the movement. If the content is expected or is to be more suited for a more mature audience, expect articles to be categorized under that category, and mentioned before-hand, in addition to this we will always be sure to provide clean, non-offensive, equal content on the site, to open doors for everyone.


                                                                       See you in the Cavern

I would like to thank everyone who has liked our Facebook page, followed us on twitter, and that has supported the project in general thus far since it first began in development in 2012. I personally, will really be giving my all this Season to assure growth within the project and more importantly, to help support as many people as possible in accomplishing their dreams and getting their work shown and displayed to a wider audience. I am extremely stoked for all of the possibilities that this project can bring, and the many things we can all accomplish when we help each other. Again, please stay tuned for more updates as many more are on the way!