Greetings friends! Today’s KSMD is one that I am without a doubt, super pumped about! If you know me personally, it’s no surprise that this would be featured on the site sooner or later. But with all biasdness aside, this is a project that I’m really excited to share with you all, so let’s jump right into it!

Falling Up is an creative/experimental rock band based out of Portland Oregon. Jamming out since the early 2000’s the band has made many changes, many albums, and has been on many journeys as  a whole. While not too long ago, they decided to continue making music as an independent band, without being under a record label, earning funds to publish and release their music, themselves. Out of this, has sparked some very awesome albums, such as the latest “Hours” and “Midnight on EarthShip” releases. The lead singer, Jessy Ribordy, had also fully written and released a book in audio format titled “Hours” that basically took music form, as “Hours” the album. These were all released as apart of a giant project called, THE MACHINE DE ELLA PROJECT, an interactive project where fans helped KickStart it all, as one song being released over the course of every week from each album, as well as a chapter from the audio book. The band also launched a new website for the project, which encouraged fans to come together and discuss everything Machine De Ella related, as well as all other Falling UP related content. The project was a huge success to say the least, and left many fans craving for more, even shortly after it was all over.

Which brings us to now. Earlier yesterday Falling Up announced that the band will be producing yet another full length studio album! The album will be fully funded by the fans, and done from scratch by the band. The band states that the concept direction for this new album will be it’s bravest effort yet, as it will tie into a brand new story/concept which is said and I quote is a “trip“.  The KickStater has since opened for the new album, and the pledged goal of $40,000 must be reached in order for this all to be possible. One full day has gone, and approximately 9k has already been pledged, things are looking great! For those who may be curious as to where all the costs will be going to and what it will cover, here is the budget list.


  • $15,000 Recording 
  • $6,000 Mixing 
  • $2,500 Mastering 
  • $2,000 Travel/Food 
  • $2,000 Drum heads, Cymbals, Strings, Pedals, Amp Heads, Repair
  • $6,000 Shipping, Product Orders and Printing (LP’s, CD’s, Tee Shirts, Stickers) and Commissions (Kickstarter/Amazon Fees) 
  • $4,000 Marketing 
  • $2,500 Cushion 


As offered last time, the band is also offering Stretch Goals if people are willing to pledge more to obtain certain bonuses that the band will be able to produce. Such as a Falling Up Documentary at $60,000. A brand new music video at $80,000, and lastly, what caught most everyone’s eye, a Crashings/Dawn Escapes Re-imagined Album at 100k. These are certainly huge milestones to reach, but the band definitely has enough active fans to make this all possible! And of course for those who do decide to pledge, Falling Up has setup some sweet rewards for those who decide to support!.


  • Pledge $1 or more

    Digital Download Of New Album Single

  • Pledge $5 or more

    Hours Audiobook Download + Digital Download Of New Album Single

  • Pledge $10 or more

    Digital Download Of New Album 1 Week Before Official Release

  • Pledge $25 or more

    Physical Album + Digital Download 1 Week Before Official Release

  • Pledge $30 or more

    Tee Shirt + Digital Download 1 Week Before Official Release

  • Pledge $75 or more

    Vinyl Print Album + Physical Album + Digital Download 1 Week Before Official Release

  • Pledge $80 or more

    Autographed Vinyl Print Album + Physical Album + Digital Download 1 Week Before Official Release + Sticker

  • Pledge $95 or more

    FAN PACKAGE! Autographed Physical Album + Tee Shirt + Sticker + Digital Album 2 Weeks Before Official Release

  • Pledge $125 or more

    Hand Written Lyrics Of New Album + FAN PACKAGE!


Simply head over to the official Falling Up KickStarter Page located  here to support!