For those of you who may have been around on TVC before we took our hiatus, may have remembered the KickStart Me Daily article on the band “Falling Up” as they opened up a crowd funding option to help fund, and produce what would be their final studio album.

Since then, the Kick-starter finished successfully, exceeding their original goal. Since that period, the band has been hard at work on the new/final album, and has even written brand new material since the conclusion of the KickStarter, they truly want to make this as perfect as possible.

Originally with a goal of a Summer 2015 release in mind, the album has since been pushed into Fall of 2015 to ensure to best quality for the fans, after all, this will be their final album as I’ve stated numerous times. This slight delay however, did not come empty handed. With much material seemingly not having a perfect spot within the final album, the band announced, to my surprise an instrumental EP, containing 8 melodic tracks that would be better displayed on it’s own standalone album rather than apart of the final album. The EP is entitled ‘House Full of Caverns’ and let me tell ya, it’s not your ordinary instrumental EP, at least in my eyes.


Back in April of of 2012, the band released what seemed to be their first EP, Mnemos, a short album, but was aimed more towards being an instrumental remix album of sorts from their previous release during that time, ‘Your Sparkling Death Cometh’.

Though ‘House Full of Caverns’ does not serve as a remix album, or remix EP, of any sorts, it definitely takes the instrumental harmony and talent these guys have, and showcased in Mnemos, and takes it to the next level. The tracks within ‘House Full of Caverns’ are lengthy, majority of them are well over 4 minutes, this is a good thing. the tracks within the EP work so well together, I wouldn’t even be disappointed if this were¬†their final album.

Though I may very well be wrong, I feel like ‘House Full of Caverns’ is something the band has been wanting to do since the release of Mnemos, but did not want to be bounded by the walls of it having to be a remix of sorts, and having to contain vocals. Overall, the band has amazing talent and potential when it comes to creating instrumentals. The tracks in ‘House Full of Caverns’ were very well crafted, each and every track seem to speak to me in a different way, they were soul-warming so to speak, and brought out an emotional feel within me that I have not experienced whilst listening to music in quite awhile.

My personal favorite track, Stormland, starts off very slow, with a seemingly sad feeling re-occurring throughout the track, but then lifting your spirits, then bringing you back down again. In a way unrelated, but it reminds me of running up a hill in hopes of seeing something very significant at the peak, but upon reaching the peak, what you see is devastating. This is the feeling I personally get, this is not a bad thing, it just shows what type of emotional feeling I feel this track emulated towards me.

Overall, ‘House Full of Caverns’ is an amazing short journey, and probably one of the best you’ll ever take within a instrumental EP. If this is indeed a taste of what the final album will contain, I cannot express how excited I am to hear what they have in store.

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