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As apart of our TVC reboot, we are starting a new series or articles that will be primarily focused on promoting up and coming/aspiring authors. These will be entitled “Author Spotlight”. Every week, we will feature 1-3 authors on the website. We’ll feature some of their work, as well as give you some insight about them, and how they got into literature in general. Please be sure to show these writers some support!

Today we are featuring a writer by the name of “Hana BR” shes a very talented up and coming poet, who combines various favored writing styles and techniques into her writing. She has been into reading and writing since a very young age, and it definitely shows within her passion for literature today. But don’t take my word for it, check out her spotlight piece below to learn more about her!

About Me:

Name: Hana BR
Age: 14
Location: United States
I obviously love reading and writing, and dedicate as much of my time as I can to become well-versed in literature, perfect my grammar, spelling, etc., and improve in my flow and plots in my stories. Most of my ideas for my poems and short stories stem from my everyday life and then are “spruced up” in the hands of my imagination. 
My works are a combination of dark humor, vivid detail, and original characters. Most of poetry is about events that have happened to me or my thought process at any given moment. I am known to place my characters into lands either full of fantasy and impossible creatures, but also often stick to a cold, brutal reality. One of the things that people often comment on for my writings is that they appreciate the slightly chaotic aura of mystery I veil my works in. That way, every reader can find a different interpretation that applies more directly to them. I also really enjoy having a beautiful visual aspect in my poetry, and while often spend time on forming my verses to look a certain way, as you can see in my featured poem, Cutting Wood.
How I Got Into Writing:
Since a young age, books have been some of my closest friends. I owe most of love of writing to my wonderful, encouraging Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Risch. She helped me develop my writing style and how to change my writing without getting rid of my voice. Plus, she gave me the best book recommendations. 🙂 However, my mother has recently become interested in grammar and things like that. After pursuing a career in chemical engineering, she realized how important the arts were as well.
To me, having other people read my works is as if they are hearing a song from the center of my being. When I am struggling, it helps to relieve some of pain and tension I feel. By writing down what I am feeling and thinking and wanting, I am releasing it onto paper (or my laptop), and freeing myself from it. Of course, there are some things I could never fully capture in my words, but I respect that, and can only hope to show people at least part of who I am…or who my characters are. 
My favorite genre is either Teen Fiction or Supernatural/Paranormal. While these may sound cliche or gushy, I only settle for the best. 😉 I’ll Give You The SunWhale TalkA Court of Thorns and Roses are three of my favorites. 
Featured Works:

cutting wood

she took the moon into her mouth and always swallowed

but coughed up breakfast before she’d even had it 

she peeled thorns off every rose on her street

but slit up the backs of her downy knees

she longed for someone loveless

but drank away that thirst

she chipped her wing

but still soared

far far far


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