Hey everyone! It’s been quite some time since the last KSMD, and while these won’t exactly be daily articles anymore as we begin to kick off our operations once again this Q4 of 2015, you can definitely expect to see a couple of new entries or so every week. Today’s KickStart Me Daily focuses on an alternative pop band which has some refreshing tunes I’m sure you will enjoy! I gave a few of their tracks a listen and was quite pleased with the sort of jazzy vibe they captured within their music. I’m pretty excited to share these guy’s with you all so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


The band is called “Gwen and the Good Thing’s”, an alternative pop band to be exact, based out of London/Milton Keynes. They are a fairly new group, yet extremely talented and have been establishing themselves the past 10 months writing tons of music, playing live shows, and in general getting new people on board.

Live performances and shows are always a great thing, but I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest goals for a band or an artist, is to release a record. With a handful of tracks already ready to go, Gwen and the Good Thing’s are now ready to begin recording their Debut EP. Of course, we know this always comes at a cost as the recording process can get quite pricey. The band is currently looking for £1500 to help cover the costs of studio time, mixing, mastering, and distribution.

Of course, I won’t advise you to help fund the project without giving them a listen first, I’m sure they will spark your interest!


For those who do decide to donate, the band has setup some awesome rewards for all of those who pledge to the project. You can check out several of the reward tiers below!

Pledge £4 or more


You’ll receive a digital download of the brand new EP PLUS a personalised thank you email from the band PLUS exclusive access to every step of the recording process through backing this Kickstarter.

Pledge £15 or more


You’ll receive a very cool and exclusive limited edition poster based on one of the four EP tracks, each specially designed by one of a group of talented artists PLUS the EP on CD PLUS bonus downloads PLUS a personalised hand-written thank you.


Pledge £22 or more


You’ll receive an awesome T Shirt plastered with the supercool GATGT artwork PLUS the EP on CD PLUS bonus downloads PLUS a personalised hand-written thank you.


Pledge £50 or more


Pledge this amount and you can request a Skype lesson/jam with any one member of the band PLUS the digital EP PLUS access to a secret bonus track and folder full of Gwen and the Good Thing artwork and photos PLUS a personalised thank you email from the band.

You can check out the official KickStarter page here  for more details on the project.