It’s been quite awhile since our last Author Spotlight, and I’m happy to say that the series will be returning for the Q4 remainder of our TVC 2015 Run/Re-boot. Every week from here on out, we will once again be featuring a select few young authors and featuring a bit about them, along with some of their work. Please be sure to show your support for these featured Authors if you enjoy what you read, they all definitely deserve it!

Today we are featuring a writer by the same of Laurel Zyvoloski! Laurel is currently a Senior Psychology Student studying at Radford University. She has always enjoyed writing since a very young age, elementary school, to be exact. Laurel’s Mother is a teacher, and she attributes her love for literature to her passion and enthusiasm for reading which she passed town to her sister and her.

Laurel is quite a good poet! And we’ll be showcasing one of her pieces today! Her love for poetry sparked in the seventh grade, which was when she began writing it in English class. She enjoys the aspect of poetry that is the “simplicity of revealing truths and emotions in so little words”. Laurels favorite literature genre is young adult, but also enjoys paranormal books as well.

You can learn more about Laurel, as well as check out some of her other works by visiting her Figment Page located Here

Cutting Ties 8/9/15

You tested the rope

and said it could snap,

so you cut it to save the trouble.


You claimed it was

to save me from drowning with you,

but it was to make yourself the martyr.


Now you leave me

clinging to the craggy border,

staring into the stormy blue

where I last saw you,


Too afraid to move,

unable to help you

below in the murky water.