It’s been awhile since our last Author Spotlight, however we are very excited to bring you all this one, as a final sendoff before The Virtual Cavern goes on Holiday Break for the rest of December. We hope you all enjoy this week’s Author Spotlight, and if you do, please show the featured author further support by visiting their pages located at the end of the article.

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Today we are featuring aspiring author by the name of Stormie Dawn.

Stormie, is a fifteen year old girl with interests and passions for many different things. Stormie however, enjoys writing the most among all of her other interest. She focuses the most of short stories and novels, with her favorite type of stories usually including unique settings, and taking place “out of this world”; fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian, are a few of her favorite genre’s, to name a few.

Stormie Dawn is also very interested in writing contests, and tends to enter every single one she has the opportunity to par-take in. As of now, she is currently working on her own novel, and plans on taking the self-publishing route.  The novel is entitled “The Test”, and is of the dystopian genre.

You can check out the 2-chapter preview for the novel, by visiting the direct link to in located at the end of this article.

Stormie Dawn has also provided us with another look into one of her short stories entitled “Escaping From the Shadows”, please check out the preview below!

Escape From the Shadows (Preview)

I peek my head out from the alley, looking for any sign of the Shadows. No sign of the half-dead ork creatures to the left, or the right, so I step out into the open. Maybe they’re gone. I know they will not murder me, the Queen wants me alive for the moment.

Causing me excruciating pain, on the other hand, they are permitted to do.

I begin to walk down the street, and pull my thin, black hood over my head. Snow is just beginning to fall all around, just enough that my feet crunch gently on the sidewalk. The trees still have leaves on them, but not much. I guess that’s normal for November here.

I wouldn’t know, I don’t live here.

I take another step in front of me, but I hear two. I spin around, and I see a shirtless, gray-skinned person, with deformed skin and large pointed ears, the only sign that it used to be an elf.

They found me.

He looks at me with his solid black eyes, pulling out a sword from his woven leather belt. “Don’t try to run boy, you are surrounded.”

The second he finishes his sentence, using can hear snow being crushed all around me, but I don’t look in their direction. I don’t want to know how many of them are out here.

I don’t want to know my odds.

I reach my hand into my pocket. “Who says I need to run?” I wrap my fingers tightly around the sack of fairy dust, and I can feel it heat up immediately.

“Take your hand out of your pocket, before I slice it off!” The Shadow says, pointing his crooked sword in my direction.

I hold my hands up in the air, as if I was surrendering, keeping the sack of dust in my hand. It is beginning to glow now, a bright, yellow color. It is spreading warmth through the air, and the snow around me is beginning to melt.

The Shadow in front of me, who I assume is the leader, takes a step back, and lowers his sword. I can hear footsteps all around me, but they are going back to wear the came from.

“Fools!” The leader says, his voice echoing in the nearby alley. “Come back!”

But they just keep getting farther and farther away, until I can’t hear them anymore. I look back at the leader, who is steaming, literally.

“I guess it’s just you and me, then.” I say, still holding the sack of heat-radiating dust. It’s beginning to burn my hands now, but I try not to show any pain.

He smiles as if he realized something, his face distorting into something even scarier than his anger. “No, we aren’t.”

My stomach immediately bursts into a burning pain, and I grasp it with my free hand, although that only makes the pain worse. I throw the fairy dust as hard as I can toward the Shadow, and before he can react, it hits him, and begins to eat at his flesh, exposing the rotted muscles under his skin.

He shouts in a painful anger, and raises his hand; he’s signaling somebody. Now I can see someone on top of the roof two blocks down, a little gray figure with a bow. I look down to my stomach, and I can see an arrow head, with elvish markings in them.

Markings I don’t recognize.

The Shadow on the rooftop pulls his bow back, and I try to run as fast as I can, my stomach burning like it’s on fire. I hear a whistling sound, like he sent the arrow flying, but it doesn’t hit me. Did he miss?

I look back, and I see the arrow sticking straight out of the leader’s head. It sizzles as the poison slowly flows out, just like it’s doing to me right now. The body seizes up, and becomes still as it turns into a rock, then crumbles to pieces. He’s dead.

And that last Shadow is going to tell the Queen that I did that.

I turn back around, and run. I can’t be anywhere near here when he signals the Queen. I can feel my stomach being eaten away by the acidic poison, my heart pounds, trying to keep myself alive.

I slip, and I fall down, shoving the arrowhead deeper into my stomach. I can feel a warm liquid soaking itself in my jacket, although I can’t tell if it’s blood or poison. Probably both. I cough as usual lift my head up, and see a sign. I can’t read what it says, but I know the symbol very well. It’s a dragon, turquoise, flying with it’s head and tail attached to the golden ring.

The symbol of Caldain, the Queen’s enemy.

I push myself up, and cough again, a large wad of mucus slipping out of my throat. I enter the shop, knowing that this may be the only place I could get help.

As long as they don’t recognize me as the Queen’s son.

For more stories, and to learn more about Stormie Dawn in general, be sure to check out her official Figment Page located here