Happy Friday everyone!

Yes, for once I’m extremely stoked that the weekend is finally here! Not because I have huge plans or anything during this weekend, but more so because I can’t wait to start a fresh week! Monday’s always seem to be a hit or miss, so hopefully this time around, as we quickly approach the end of February, things will be a little bit better.

I’ve been thinking about big cities a lot! Especially with some out-of-state travels coming up, so today’s featured project caught my eye, and I just had to share it with you all.

Let’s hop right into it!

Jeff Fielitz is a professional photographer based out of  Brooklyn, New York.

As a professional photographer, Jeff has been able to capture a lot of the heart, soul, and vibe that the big city of New York has to offer. Some of his photo’s are more landscaped based of the big city, other capturing some of the weather, and others capturing the people in action within the city.

Jeff is currently looking to raise enough funds to have his prints made up and framed to be displayed at a local venue in Bushwhick, Brooklyn. There, he will be able to display his work as well at sell it at the location, however the framing and getting the prints done will cost money. Jeff states, “My photography has always been a side project for me, and I don’t see this as a get rich or famous plan, I’m looking at it as a way to get my pictures noticed in the real world, and hopefully someone will see it as the art in the same way I see it.

Jeff has a small goal of $500 for the project, with 40 days remaining, so it’s definitely very possible for him to reach his goal! You can check out some of his featured works below:




Pledge $10 or more


For $10 you get a 5×7 print of a photo from the gallery of your choosing


Pledge $25 or more


For $25 I will send a 8×10 print of your choosing from the gallery. These will be signed and numbered and only a limited amount will be printed.


Pledge $40 or more


$40 will send you a sign and number 11×14 print. These prints will be select due to formatting but when I know what prints I’m going to due in this size you will have the choice.


Pledge $100 or more


If you live in the NYC area and support me for the $100 backing I will personally deliver a photo of your choice framed and ready to hang.

Jeff Fielitz is a very talanted photographer, and if you’d like to support his project or learn more, you can do so by visiting his official KickStarter page located here

Hopefully today’s “KickStart Me!” has sparked your interest! I’ll see you all again on Monday with another one.

Until then,

take care everyone!