Good Monday Everyone!

I must say this is one of the best Monday’s I’ve had in awhile. Despite only able to catch roughly 5 hours of sleep last night, I will say I am much more awake this Monday, than I am usually.

As stated late last week, I’ve compiled up a few Projects that have caught my eye, and will be featuring them today, Wednesday, and Friday this week! Today’s featured Project is for those of you who just can’t seem to stay in one place!

I’m  bit of a travel fiend myself (when I find the time and money to do so) and really hope to do more of it in the future. This projects touches on that very subject, so let’s hop into it!

The next best thing to traveling yourself, is watching others travel. At least in my opinion. Wanderlust seeks to do just that. Micheal Scott, Lauren Anderson, and Jacob Eberle are friends and co-workers based out of Denver, Colorado. They work in the food industry like many of us, and wait tables for a living, but on the side they are “avid explorers and thrill seekers” at heart.

Wanderlust is their Project which is set to be a travel series, documenting their travels and explorations as they explore the various food, cultures, and history in various areas in the world, while also showcasing the struggles we all tend to go through, of traveling on a budget.

The debut episode of Wanderlust is set to feature the groups travel to “the distant lands of Thailand!” Which just so happens to be a place Micheal and Jacob, of the group, hold very close to their hearts. The crew has already purchased tickets and has arranged housing accommodations for the 4 week long visit, however, where the group really is in need of funding is to help gather and acquire the proper equipment to record and document their adventures for the show.

The group hopes to have Wanderlust to be picked up by a major network, and we know how tough this can be when you lack  the funding.

Wanderlust is ultimately a great idea in my eyes, and while I’m definitely not reluctant to admit that there is currently a bit of over-saturation of travel shows on mainstream media, I also feel that travel shows that focus on other cultures are always a good thing, as we tend to keep in our “own little boxes” so to speak, a little to often.

Wanderlust has a pledged goal of $2,500 with $100 currently pledged, and 25 day’s remaining!  It is very possible for them to reach their goal, so if you like the idea of Wanderlust and would like to see it take place, be sure to help support the project by funding, and spread the word!

They have also set up some rad rewards you can check out below!


Pledge $10 or more


We’ll send you a personal thank you postcard from Thailand!


Pledge $20 or more


We’ll send you an authentic bracelet from our first location, Thailand!


Pledge $30 or more


You will receive a personal thank you in the credits from our first episode in Thailand!


Pledge $50 or more


We’ll send you a copy of our first episode of Wanderlust on DVD!


Pledge $100 or more


We’ll send you a limited edition, signed copy of our first episode of Wanderlust on DVD!

You can learn more about the Wanderlust project, as well as help fund the Kickstarter by visiting the projects official page located here.
Hopefully you all found this one enjoyable. I know I did, it’s about time for me to sit down and take my travel planning a little bit more seriously as well!
Well, that’s it for today, we’ll be back Wednesday with another “KickStart Me!” so until then –
Take Care! ~