Good Monday Everyone!

Well, hopefully you are having a decent one, and not currently stuck in the Monday blues much like I am. Today has been one of the oddest, stressful, backwards Monday’s I’ve had in awhile, and I’m pretty thrilled that it’s almost over.

Regardless of this, I’m happy to be back once again at the start of a new week to share with you all a new “KickStart Me!”, featuring a project that I found to be pretty interesting, yet very brief.

I won’t waste anymore time teasing you all about it, so let’s jump right into it!

There is a road, a lonely road, that resides in the middle of the wilderness on “the other side” of lake Tornertask in the far north of Swedent. Located roughly 25 kilometers above the arctic circle.

It’s an abandoned road, one which holds the remains of old cars rolling along dirt roads. A long road, with no connection to any others, that extends between five unkown villages in Talma sami. The road was seemingly purposely built to be in the middle of nowhere, and no one knows why. So a few curious people set out to see this road with their own eyes, so see what it was like.

“Solitary Road, the book” will be a photo/story book of sorts that will help tell the story for this ancient, forgotten road , as well as the people who often travel this road. The creator of the project, Anders Alm, has already begun showcasing photo’s from this book at various exhibitions around Sweden and hopes to publish all of his work as a book.

With that said, he is looking for our help – those who are interested in learning more about the story of the “Solitary Road” by helping fund the project to make their book a reality.

Anders has also setup some awesome Rewards for those who decide to pledge to the project, that you can check out below.


Pledge kr100 or more

About $12 USD


Postcard from Solitary Road with personal greeting


Pledge kr500 or more

About $59 USD


One 18×24 cm print from the project


Pledge kr1,500 or more

One 18×24 cm signed print from the project


Pledge kr3,000 or more

About $354 USD


One 40×50 cm signed print from the project

You can learn more about the “Solitary Road, the book” project, as well as help fund the project, by visiting the official KickStarter Page located here


Anyway everyone, hopefully you enjoyed today’s “KickStart Me!” As long as this week continues to be a normal functioning, productive one, I’ll be back on Wednesday with yet another “KickStart Me!” as usual.

Hopefully you all have a great Monday night, and until next time

                            Take care ~