Hello everyone! Long time no talk!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to find some time during the week to fit in these KickStart Me’s! While I do aim to have these out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; often times it becomes a bit difficult due to the influx of other things going on. Fortunately, I’ve found some time to fit in one for today, so I definitely hope you guy’s enjoy it!

L Carol Scott, is both a gifted singer and a gifted medium of sorts, as she is able to have a direct connection with a higher power of some “Divine Love” which provides her with a great inspiration to sing, and uplifting, heartwarming words, for her voice to soothe your soul with.

With these new gifts now in her grasp, Carol is now looking to further share her songs, and create an album for everyone to be able to have them at their fingertips, in hopes for the music to also, inspire them and keep them uplifted as well.

These songs speak of our Oneness, our connection to each other and to the Source, and our Divinity: the wholeness that we are, and how to remember that. “Do You Know?” asks “Do you know how deeply beloved you are….how peaceful your life can be?” However you conceive of the Divine—whether you call it God, Goddess, Mother/Father God, Allah, the Buddha, Yahweh, any other name, or no name at all—these simple melodies and poetic lyrics can open your heart to that Divine Principle that we are, all of us, Divine Beings living for a short moment in human form. “Do you know you are stardust and light? That’s who you really are!”

Most Sunday mornings, I sing one of these songs as an introduction to meditation at the end of our services at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) in St. Louis. Members of my community there tell me that I sing “like an angel.” I don’t know about that but I see how the music touches them, uplifts them, soothes their stress, and invites them into awareness of the Divinity within them. I attribute all of that to the One, the Source, from which I receive, not only lyrics and melodies, but also the Love that is the real power in these songs.


Last year, Carol begun the recording process of “Downloads from the Divine” with a signer and vocal coach by the name of Mark Madsen, who passed away this past August. She is now working to finish the recording process and produce the CD, by working with Tim Mead, who owns many of his own recording equipment and professional recording space.

Of course, fully finishing an album can be quite the pretty penny, but with a goal of $600 Carol has successfully reached the goal, and even surpassed it! Despite this, if you are still interested in supporting the project, you still have 13 days to do so. Carol has also setup some rewards for those who decide to pledge to the project.


Pledge $25 or more


A signed copy of the CD when it’s completed


Pledge $50 or more


2 tickets to a private house concert (St. Louis area) of song and meditation with Carol’s music, and a signed copy of the CD.


You can learn more about Carol’s project, as well as help support the project by funding by visiting her official Figment Page located here. She also has a website, which you can also check out, by visiting http://www.lcarolscott.com/