Heya folks!

Another Wednesday has come and gone,…well almost. Hopefully you all are having a great week thus far! Today I’m happy to bring you all another KSMD, as stated earlier in the week, I am aiming to bring back KSMD’s as often as possible from here on out.

We’re featuring yet another music project today, as to be very honest, I just cannot get enough of them. This one is quite an interesting one, however, so let’s jump right into it!

Flat Land is an “ethereal funk” fusion band based out of Gainesville, Florida. “Ethereal funk”, I didn’t even know such a genre existed until now, and after giving Flat Land a listen, I think I may have to give even more ethereal funk bands a listen.

Flat Land has just finished their full length debut album, entitled “Arrow to the Sun”; and are now celebrating it’s completion with a national tour, along with recording and releasing several music videos. The band is ecstatic about taking their craft to the next level, however, we all know more than well that these sort of things come at extreme costs, which is why they are reaching out to their listeners for a little help.

Unlike other KickStarter Project, Flat Land is going about there’s a little bit differently. With the album fully finished, mixed and mastered, pressed, and ready to ship, the band is mainly in need of support of earning back a lot of the money that has been invested into making the album. This is good for you as a backer as you will receive a digital copy of the album upon backing the project!

Flat Land also has a few other special rewards and perks for those of you who decide to help back the album, you can check out some of them below!

CD and Vinyl Presses

Artwork by Lauren Nicholas and Fae Nageon de Lestang

 Flat Land T-shirt and tank designs 


All designs printed on American Apparel Next Level shirts

Flat Land has several other rewards tiers for those who help pledge to the project, depending on the amount donated. You can learn more about the band by visiting their official website, as well as help KickStart their Album Release by visiting there official KickStarter Page!

Well everyone, that’s going to wrap up today’s “KickStart Me!”, definitely be sure to checkout these guys! I actually spent a handful of time re-listening to a few of their tunes that are available on their Soundcloud page, and their YouTube page; they’re a pretty talented crew!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a new “Poetry Podcast” for all of you to listen to, but until then,


~ Take Care <3