What’s up everyone!?

Hope you all are having another great Wednesday, the first hump day of the month actually! It’s crazy, we are trucking through Summer 2016 quite quickly, and 2016 in general with only roughly 5 months remaining! Regardless, The Virtual Cavern is still working hard to continue to bring you all new awesome talent to check out, as well as some new things that we are working on, that is on the way 😉

Enough ranting though!

Let’s jump into today’s “KickStart Me!” which is, I must say, one of my favorite more recently discovered projects.

Here we go! ~

Today we are featuring a band which is based out of Glendale, California. A 2 person band, featuring Rachael Lindley and Madison Johnson! The two are a musical duo, and an amazing one at that! Starting musical journey at very young ages for both members of the band, you can already imagine how talented these two must be. Rachael, started singing at the age of two, and shortly after began participating in preforming arts groups. Overall, Rachael has done over 1,000 shows! Madison, on the other hand, also began working on music at a young age, 10 years old to be exact. With the help from her dad, she also learned music theory, guitar and piano, and shortly after began preforming various shows around LA.

Rachael and Madison’s band, Color Me Home, began in 2011, with the first song the duo wrote together being “The Chase”, the firs track off their EP entitled “Over the Moon”. Since then, the band has preformed at various shows around Los Angels.

Fast forward to current day, the duo is now looking to finish and release their first ever Full Length Album! “The album is entitled Little Sister, named after one of our original songs. We both have older siblings and the song is dedicated to them and the effect they have had on our lives and our goals.”

The band is striving hard to get the album out in the rights hands, and are currently planning to have a fairly large promotion and marketing campaign for it. This of course, is where Kickstarter comes in!

With $5,500 being the bare minimum needed to complete the album,  Color Me Home is calling out to all it’s listeners and fans to help pitch in what they can to get this album finished and in the hands of all of you! Any additional funds that exceed the $5,500 minimum goal, will be used towards making the album even better, (their big goal is $8,500)

We’re very excited to embark on this incredible journey. We’re so close and we’ve worked so hard. This year we are making our dreams a reality and with your help, we will get there! Thank you guys so much for your support!

The band has also set up some pretty snazzy rewards for those of you who decide to pledge towards the Album. You can check out some of those in the section below!


Pledge $10 or more

CD download!

New Album Free Download + EP Over the Moon

Pledge $20 or more

Physical CD!

Physical Copy of New CD + Free Download + EP Over the Moon

Pledge $40 or more


Color Me Home T-Shirt + Signed Copy of New CD + Free Download + EP Over the Moon

Pledge $50 or more

Mention in our “Thank You” section!

Signed T-Shirt, New CD + CD Download + EP + Mention in the “Thank Yous” section on New CD

Pledge $150 or more


PRIVATE ONLINE CONCERT + Signed T-shirt, New CD + Download + EP + Mention in the “Thank Yous” section

Now, I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOVE Color Me Home’s music! After discovering them over on Kickstarter, I took a look at their YouTube page, and spent quite a bit of time listening to some of their tracks and performances. They are a very melodic duo, with an even brighter musical future as long as they keep at it!

You can listen to the melody as well, by checking out their YouTube, SoundCloud, and Website, pages.

Most importantly though, you can learn more about the bands full length album, as well as support the project by funding by visiting their official Kickstarter page located here!