Welcome back everyone, and happy Monday!

Hopefully you all are having a great start to the new weeks, it’s crazy how quickly July is flying by as by the end of this week we will have already begun finding ourselves closing up the month!

Regardless of that though, we still have plenty of awesome projects and other talent to share with you all throughout the rest of the month, including today’s featured Kickstarter project! So let’s jump right into it!

Skyward is a band based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia. They describe themselves as being a  “big, messy, alternative rock band”, however, that’s the type of band that I personally see was well rounded. With all the band members meeting in College at James Madison University, the band was formed under the idea uniqueness ultimately not limiting themselves by using sounds that would generally be heard in other genres of music.

Since their formation the band has played at various shows, including Warped Tour 2015, as well as playing alongside other various popular bands such as Pierce The Veil and Plain White T’s. While I have only recently discovered the band, it seems that they have began to gain quite a bit of traction of the years. The band released an EP last year entitled Drift, which you should definitely check out over on their YouTube Page.

With various shows and track releases now under their belt, the band is now looking to release their first ever LP!

As we’ve begun seeing with other various Kickstarter projects nowadays, the funding for these projects are being used for other costs other than producing the product; this is the same with Skywards project. The band has completely finished the album, with a release date currently set for September 30th, 2016.

About $15,000 has gone into the production of the album, with most of these funds going to the production process as well as mixing and mastering. Skyward is now looking to complete the final piece before releasing the album, which is mostly marketing the album and getting it out to everyone.

With a current goal of $5,000 the band hopes to use these funds to fully promote the album as much as possible. as well as to use towards merchandising and printing. With that said, the band has now reached out to it’s fans and followers via Kickstarter, providing those who wish to help support them with the ability to pitch in and help.

The band has also set up some awesome rewards for those of you who decide to pitch in and help support the project!


Pledge $10 or more

Skyward LP

Pre-release digital download of the album (2 weeks prior to release). INCLUDES: Singles Club


Pledge $20 or more

You Can Touch It

Physical copy of the album 1 month prior to release, and copy of handwritten lyrics from the album. INCLUDES: Skyward LP


Pledge $25 or more

You Can Wear It

Brand new, album themed t-shirt. Comes in S, M, L, XL. INCLUDES: You Can Touch It


Pledge $35 or more

You Can Wear It 2 (Sleeve Variations)

Tanktop or our new ragland 3/4 sleeve album, themed shirts. Comes in S, M, L, XL INCLUDES: You Can Touch It.


Pledge $50 or more

You Can Frame It

High-quality, signed poster. INCLUDES: You Can Wear It 2.


Pledge $100 or more

We Will Cover It

We’ll record an acoustic cover of whatever song you want to youtube. INCLUDES: You Can Frame It.

After giving Skyward a listen a few days ago, I’ve got to say that I love their sound a lot! Their sound does in fact range throughout various genres, something that we are seeing become a tad bit more common with bands these day’s, but these guys definitely know how to do it right!

If you are interested in helping support the bands LP release, you can head on over to their official KickStarter Page. Also be sure to checkout their official website!

Well everyone, that’s going to wrap up Monday’s “KickStart Me!” we’ll be back on Wednesday with yet another one for you all, but until then everyone….


    Take Care! ~