Greetings everyone! And Happy Wednesday to you all!

With Autumn just around the corner, the main genre of music on my mind at the moment, is Classical/Orchestral, and to be honest, I wouldn’t rather have it any other way! I always wondered my strange obsession with Classical music kicked off every year around the Fall time, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned most Orchestras begin picking up the instruments and preforming, once again, during early Autumn. I must’ve been sensing the classical collective, who know’s!

Regardless of that, today’s featured Project features an Orchestra, and one of the first we’ve covered in quite some time! Let’s not waste any time, and jump into today’s KickStart Me!

Founded as a non profit in 2011, the New Westchester Symphony Orchestra has grown to become the largest audition free community Orchestra, in Weschester County.  The Orchestra has grown quite a bit since it’s official establishment in 2011, and has done many performances from full length concerts and outreach performances. The Orchestra is also very well-rounded as well, playing Classical fan favorites, as well as Hollywood movie hits!

With the Orchestras 2015-2016 season coming to a close and it having been a big success, the group is now seeking to improve and provide an even bigger and better experience for their 2016-2017 season! The New Westchester Symphony Orchestra is currently looking to endeavor into many improvements during their upcoming season, such as the following:

  • 1) A new home for our orchestra!  As we consider new venues as our permanent home, we hope to find something that is acoustically superior, and brings a certain sense of musical intimacy between performers and audience!

  • 2) Four full length concerts!  In the past, we have had two full length concerts in the fall and spring, and focused more on outreach concerts.  Four full length concerts would engage our audience and community more than ever, and give our players increased opportunities to perform.

  • 3) Bring in professional coaching staff for the players!  Having a young professional helping the strings has been so inspiring, that we wish to provide this to all sections of the orchestra.  Orchestral coaches will come once before each concert to provide technical assistance and orchestral training in focused sectionals.  NewWSO members will be learning from young professionals who are top level conservatory graduates, playing in renowned ensembles worldwide.  This is truly an enriching opportunity.

  • 4) Bring a large scale fundraiser concert to the community!  We have a special fundraiser planned for the orchestra and the surrounding White Plains community on Sept. 29, 2016, 7:00PM at the C.V. Rich Mansion in White Plains.  Our fundraiser concert will feature the Alighieri Duo, a classical violin and piano chamber ensemble, known for their exciting and passionate interpretation of romantic chamber works.    You could even meet the artists in a special post concert reception, catered by Caperberry Events!  (Please see rewards to purchase advanced tickets!)

  • 5) Conduct our first annual Young Artists Concerto Competition!  There is so much talent in Westchester County that we can’t wait to get to this part of our year!  Held in January 2017, this competition will have two divisions – Ages 8-14, then ages 14-18.  Winners will be performing with NewWSO at our March 2017 concert.

  • 6) Hold a summer Adult Chamber Music Festival!  What better way to celebrate music in the summer than to play chamber music with your friends?  In August 2017, NewWSO will be hosting a chamber music intensive, where you could be coached, or even play in a group with our concertmaster or orchestral coaches!


It’s quite obvious with goals that large, quite a bit of funding will be needed to at least get a Kickstart on development and planning for these sort of goals to be reached. That’s exactly why the New Westchester Symphony Orchestra has reached out to their fans and listeners on Kickstarter in hopes to raise some funds for it’s upcoming season!

Of course, the Orchestra has setup some awesome rewards for those who decide to pitch in specific amounts, you can check out some of the rewards below.


Pledge $10 or more

Signed Program

Receive a program signed by our conductor, Ben Niemczyk, and our concertmaster, Nicholas Pappone, with our greatest thanks!


Pledge $25 or more

Bag/Mug and Signed Program

Receive a canvas tote or mug (your choice) and a program signed by our conductor and concertmaster!


Pledge $50 or more

Fundraiser Concert Advanced Ticket

Reserve your ticket to NewWSO’s Fall Fundraiser Concert, featuring young chamber musicians, the Alighieri Duo. Purchase them early, before they are available to the general public!


Pledge $100 or more

Fundraiser Ticket and Reception

Not only will you have an advance ticket to our fall fundraiser, you will have special access to the post-concert reception!


Pledge $300 or more

Private Lesson with Concertmaster

Have a special one hour private lesson with Nicholas Pappone, concertmaster, or a NewWSO orchestral coach of your choice, depending on your instrument!

This can be held via Skype or in person – please email us privately to schedule a lesson.

As you can probably already tell, the New Westchester Symphony Orchestra has quite a handful of awesome improvements lined up for their 2016-2017 season! Best wishes to them and their recently launched Kickstarter Project!

You can learn more about the Orchestra and even give them a listen by visiting their official Website, YouTube, and Facebook pages. Also most importantly, be sure to check out their official Kickstarter Page to learn more about the project and help contribute!

Well everyone, that’s going to do it for today’s featured “Kickstart Me!”, continuing on with our usual weekly schedule with these, we’ll be back for the final project showcase of the week, on Friday!

Until then everyone, rock on –


~ And have a great one!