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We’ve finally made it to the first Wednesday of August! After awaiting the arrival of August for quite sometime now, I must say that I am a  bit relieved that it has finally come!

We’re continuing our Kickstarter Music Project Promotion Streak, throughout the remainder of this week, and then to spice things up a little bit more, we’ll be featuring a different category of projects next week!

Without further ado though, I think it’s about time to hop into today’s featured project!

Mikayla Battistone is a young singer/songwriter based out of St. Joseph, Michigan. With a strong love for music, Mikayla hopes that the world will appreciate the simplicity that music can certainty bring to an person’s life. Mikayla has been involved in playing music since a very young age, with that said, her skills as a musician have grown quite rapidly over the years.

My music comes from a very real and vulnerable part of my heart that I hope can speak to others as well.

Mikayla is now in the midst of recording and completing her first ever EP, entitled “Much More”. Working alongside several other talented musicians during the recording process of the EP, Mikayla is definitely well on her way of releasing a very successful first bundle of music!

As we know, recording and publishing your music is not cheap at all, and with that said, Mikayla has turned to Kickstarter is hopes of raising enough funds to fully get the EP completed along with mixing, mastering, production, and printing. The cost of these things do not come at a small price, so if you are fan of Mikayla and her music, or if you just started listening and would leave to hear more from here, be sure to show your support by pledging to the project!

Of course, Mikayyla has setup some pretty awesome rewards for those who decide to pledge to the project, which you can check out below!


Pledge $5 or more

A HUGE thank you!

Every tiny little bit of support helps and I appreciate every penny! To show my appreciation, I will send you a thank you note via email! This isn’t possible without your support!


Pledge $30 or more

An even BIGGER thank you!

At this donation level I will send you a personalized, hand-written note expressing my thanks to you and your support!


Pledge $50 or more

Digital Download!

At this donation level, I will send you a download code to my very first debut album as well as the personalized thank you note!


Pledge $75 or more

Digital Download + Signed Copy of CD!

At this donation level, I will send you a personalized thank you note, a download code, AND a hard copy of my EP Much More!

You can learn more about Mikayla Battistone as well as help support her EP by visiting her official Kickstarter Page located here

Well everyone, that’s going to do it for today’s “KickStart Me!”, like I said earlier, we have quite a few new things in store for the readers this month, that will definitely be spicing up the content here on the site a bit, more. So stay tuned!

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