I stumbled upon LAYNE sometime during early 2015, around the time their music video for “Somebody” was released, and fell in love with the band, immediately, upon listening to the track. They were the first band I began to grow quite fond of, after my interest in the rock genre, slowly began to re-spark after a seemingly several year hiatus.

During that time, I saw LAYNE as a small indie band, and the first that I had actually enjoyed listening to. Above all, however, I felt they were bound to be the next big thing, and “Somebody” was that destined track that won me over, along with many other listeners who are now big fans!

While I was disappointed that the band did not have all that much material out, I eventually discovered the jewels that were some of their other tracks, such as “Warrior” and “The Lonely”, a few special tunes that I love to leave on loop from time to time, that give me that chilled, uplifting feeling, that is very hard to obtain from a lot of music these day’s.

Fast-forward to 2016, the pop-rock duo recently released their latest single since “Somebody”, entitled “Good”, ¬†beautiful, creative track, with a visually impressive Music Video. Since it’s release, “Good” has received over one million streams on their Spotify, and has become my favorite track from LAYNE, as well as many others. And now, we’re all ready for what’s next…


Announced earlier today, after months of teasing us with, what I had originally thought was going to be an album title “Meet us in the in between”, on social media, the band has revealed that their brand new EP is on the way, and will be arriving quite soon! “The Black Hills” is the name of the EP, and it will be releasing on August 26th!

For those of you who may not know, The Black Hills are a very infamous landmark, based out of South Dakota, which is just so happens to be the bands place of origin. Coincidence? I think not. The duo has spoke in the past in regards to how their hometown has made a huge impact on their music, and it seems they will be showcasing this to us, bringing us there in a way, in this upcoming EP.

The alongside the announcement of the new EP, the band has also revealed that they will be holding a Summer Tour, with various dates on the way! So far, the following dates and locations have been confirmed.

  • The Tank Room (Venue) – Kansas City, MO – August 24th, 2016
  • Subterranean (Venue) – Chicago, IL – August 25th 2016
  • DC9 Nightclub (Venue) – Washington, DC – August 31st, 2016


You can RSVP and also purchase tickets, by visiting their official Tour Dates Page on Facebook.

We’re all excited to hear what LAYNE has in store for us in “The Black Hills” EP. August 26th is only a few weeks away, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it?!

You can Follow, Listen, and Keep up with LAYNE by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud Pages.