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It’s been quite some time since the last KSMD! While these aren’t exactly daily anymore, I still aim to do them at least twice-three times a week. Working on a few projects throughout the duration of October has taken up quite a handful of my time to work on TVC content; however, since I am not caught up, I can get back to producing content for this project!


Today’s featured Project is a simple one, yet at the same time, it’s simplicity struck me so quickly, I just had to share it with you all.

Encouragement is something that many of us do not get very much of, in everyday life. With society always seemingly pointing us in the direction it feels we should take in our lives, it quickly becomes an extremely discouraging journey when wishing to do anything outside the box; whether that be aiming to reach a long-term goal, following your dreams, pursuing your passions as a career, etc. People are often more quick to discourage you about a new endeavor, rather than provide you with encouragement; this is especially common among Entrepreneurs.

With this in mind, Alisa Barry hopes to help change this stigma which is ever-so common within our society, and provide hope for those who are seeking encouragement, and or are lacking it in their life; with her project entitled enCOURAGEment.

 It‘s the art of offering HOPE and LOVE. It’s the act of making something beautiful. It’s the deliberate practice and inspired action of being BRAVE.

It takes bravery to make our art. It takes vulnerability to put ourselves wholeheartedly out into the world as artists & entrepreneurs. enCOURAGEment helps us show up and show ourselves off exactly as we are. Flaws and all.

Artists & Entrepreneurs are the innovators that mark the beginning of something new and different. We see the world in a unique way and express it through our ART/work. We don’t create art to make a living, we make art to create a life. Together, with the enCOURAGEment of our community, we are the change-makers of the world.

The enCOURAGEment project was created with you in mind.


The enCOURAGEment project will feature several different products, are containing their own message on them to help provide you with hope and encouragement. All of the products which are included in the project are handcrafted and designed with other artists and entrepreneurs.

Some of the featured items that will be included in this project are as follows:

enCOURAGEment cards : 3.75 X 5.75 in size and artfully packaged in stitch-sewn letterpress-embossed paper envelope.

BE BRAVE journal : an oversize 8 page newsprint journal with typeset words of enCOURAGEment

enCOURAGEment poster: 18 X 24 all kinds of pretty ready to be framed.


With the Holiday season, especially, quickly approaching the enCOURAGEment cards would be a great item to hand out to individuals during the day, and would be a great way to brighten up someones day or week! There will be 52 total cards, each with a different inspiring message to choose from, so that gives you quite a bit of variety!

Alisa Barry has also setup some awesome reward tiers for those who decide to help pledge to the project! As you already know, material and tools for creating these sorts of things do not come cheap, so every bit counts! You can checkout some of the rewards available for those who pledge, below.


Pledge $15 or more

enCOURAGEment of thanks for your support

Receive a postcard note of thanks. in the mail. With a real stamp. Delivered to your door. It will be pretty.



Pledge $25 or more

enCOURAGEment: read all about it.

Receive a BE BRAVE newsprint journal.

the BE BRAVE “newspaper style” oversize journal measures 18 X 24 inches. Beautiful typography makes it coffee table worthy reading. Inspirational essays and ideas offer enCOURAGEment of all kinds. Comes folded in an envelope.


Pledge $30 or more

enCOURAGEment: post it up

Receive a special edition SIGNED copy of the
BE BRAVE poster.
Poster size 18 X 24 designed by one of our favorite artists and printed by a talented team of screen-printing entrepreneurs.


Pledge $40 or more

enCOURAGEment for the new year

Start the new year with the best kind of enCOURAGEment.

enCOURAGEment card set includes 52 cards plus a special BE BRAVE signature gift card. Artfully packaged in a letterpress sleeve with stitch-sewn seams.



Pledge $75 or more

give the gift of enCOURAGEment

one set of encouragement cards PLUS the BE BRAVE journal.

enCOURAGEment card set includes 52 cards plus a special BE BRAVE signature card. Artfully packaged in a letterpress sleeve with stitch-sewn seams.

BE BRAVE oversize newsprint journal


The enCOURAGEment project is definitely something I highly advise everyone to checkout! As a creator and entrepreneur of sorts, myself; receiving encouragement from others is definitely something that’s a bit rare to come by. I don’t think people know the great impact encouraging someone can truly have on an individual. Even though it may seem like such a minuscule thing; encouragement is one of the main driving forces behind people fulfilling their dreams and reaching their goals. This is why I see this project as such a beautiful thing.

You can learn more about the project, as well as help support it by funding, by visiting their official Kickstarter Page.


Well everyone, that does it for today’s “KickStart Me!”

I’ll be back with yet another one before weeks end, but until next time,


~ See you all later.