If you are like me, odds are you grew up listening to a TON of different artists and bands under the Tooth & Nail label. The label has just so happened to house so many of my all-time favorite artists, and has been the place where I would see myself coming back to time and time again to discover new artists. But there was one band that I stumbled onto, by complete accident, only to discover their past with the Tooth and Nail record as of recent; and that band is The Letter Black.

Flash-back to Spring of 2012, (which I would very well consider to be the end of the golden age of christian-rock music being present on the radio), as I sat downstairs in my newly organized temporary bedroom, preparing to leave out to a camping trip I did not want to partake. It was in those few moments where I stumbled upon The Letter Black and their track “Hanging on By a Thread”, which like many, sparked my interest in the band immediately. There was just something so enticing about that brief guitar solo which is in fact the intro the track before the vocals come it, it was just one of those melodies that you could probably listen to over and over again, but unfortunately, is only a one-time-thing within the track itself.

It’s been years since I’ve last listened to The Letter Black, as I took a considerable large step away from the rock genre for a few years or so, only coming back to it during late 2015/early 2016 and still gradually getting back into it now, as certainly there are some VERY talented bands out there, and yes The Letter Black is in fact still one of them.

Since 2014, the band has been on a sort of hiatus as they have been working on a brand new album independently, as they have announced their departure from the Tooth & Nail label, which seems to be a common trend with many artists/bands nowadays. While at the end of the day, the music business is still a…business, however, it seems labels are now allowing artists to express their creative writes, ultimately forcing them to take the more independent path, which in a lot of cases – is the much better option.

Back in December, the Letter Black kicked off a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise funds for the creation of their third studio album. While we were not quick enough to do a write-up for the Kickstarter campaign before it’s completion, I am happy to say that the band was able to successfully raise the funds for the project, ultimately meaning this album is well on the way!

The Letter Black did state awhile back that this album is set to be their “heaviest album to date”, which is exciting because it seems like they are definitely evolving in that direction.

Artists are always evolving, and the departure from a label that you’ve been with your entire career is always a daunting event that truly can either make or break your career depending on what you do with it. Luckily, it seems the folks at The Letter Black know exactly what they want, and they have gone out to get it which leaves me highly hopeful and stoked for their upcoming album which is slated for June this year.

While the Kickstarter backing period is over, you can still show your support to The Letter Black by following them on their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and also checking out their website.