It’s been a good while since we’ve last heard of Layne Putnam and her band “LAYNE”, after a rocky 2018 tour following her 2nd EP release, “Wednesday” which released during the back-half of 2017, the band has been quietly changing, evolving, and brewing up brand new sounds. For big fans of the band, like me, the wait has been a long one – however I can’t complain too much, for Layne is often keeping her fans up to date with updates on social media like Instagram about what’s in store. Luckily for us all though, today marks the band’s official return to the scene as Layne has released not one, but two debut 2019 tracks!

The tracks are entitled “Leave It Now” and “Bad Feeling”. Both in which encompass a very dreamy, yet emotional feeling – something in which I’ve always felt Layne has been able to consistently encompass within all of their tracks, but these two take it to the next level. I’ve had both tracks pretty much on repeat since they released on Spotify this morning. It’s hard to pick a favorite, for “Leave It Now” was the tour “exclusive” track I heard from the band in concert during 2017, and “Bad Feeling” being the first teased song for the bands 2019 debut – so right now, I love em both about equally.

Regardless, if these two tracks are any indication of what more is to come from the band in 2019 (3rd EP?), (Debut Album?!), I most certainly believe we are in for a hell of a treat from the band this year. I absolutely cannot wait for more tunes!


You can listen to both “Bad Feeling” as well as “Leave It Now” on Spotify right now!